About me

About me

Since my youth I have been involved in nature and animal conservation, animals, nature and plants have always been part of my life.
At the age of five I "rescued" my first hedgehog on a cold December day and built my first starling nest boxes with my father.
At the age of eleven I joined the Bund Naturschutz Bayern, and was active in mowing orchid meadows, building toad fences, bat and barn owl nesting boxes.

This was followed by studies in landscape architecture with a focus on landscape planning in Freising-Weihenstephan, graduating as Dipl-Ing. Landespflege FH. 2000 I founded the landscape architecture office Plan21.

2011 followed the foundation of the Swiss association Pfotenteam Tierhilfe, which I lead since then voluntarily as president. Through Pfotenteam Tierhilfe, hundreds of dogs, cats and small animals, mainly from France and Switzerland, have already found a new home, and many injured wild animals in need of treatment have been helped.

The love for nature and the respect for all fellow creatures that inhabit this unique planet with us are a constant component of my feelings and actions.

An Indian wisdom reads:
- We have not inherited the earth from our parents - but borrowed it from our children -.

To protect and preserve this borrowed heritage with all its facets, beauty, richness and secrets is what I am committed to.

Jasmin Horrelt
F-68220 Ranspach le Haut


Jasmin Horrelt
F-68220 Ranspach le Haut

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